WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force!!!
WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force

Queen Mary Theatre


Queen Mary Theatre - built on an original Queen Mary trailer chassis, recently retrieved from a neighbour's back garden is the 'new' Queen Mary. It is our intention to use this to display some of our archive materials.

Now ready for the beginning of the 2016 season, the Queen Mary taking shape. Below shows outside and the interior.





This museum building has been transformed from an old chicken hut found in a neighbours garden to a mini theatre. The walls are clad with pictures, drawings and stories all pertinent to our museum. For example the story about Carl Giles, a well known cartoonist for the Daily Express who lived locally. The story shows how he disliked the racist feelings between the white and black servicemen. Also several drawings of the aircraft from Debach which have been signed by the crews of the time.

The film show, which is playing constantly, takes about 40 minutes and pays tribute to the 493rd Veterans and a mini documentary on the 8th AF participation during World War II.